Author Topic: How do I sign up? Please read first!  (Read 647 times)

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How do I sign up? Please read first!
« on: March 26, 2021, 03:13:47 pm »
Below is the form that you will need to use in order for you to sign up yourself to SVL - 1v1 League. Please fill in all required criteria, failure to do so may result in your person not being entered into the league. Fields prefixed with a red asterisk (*) are REQUIRED.

Put your Nickname in the topic title too, e.g. Zdzichu_pl

* Nickname:
* Country:
* Other contact:
* Comments:

Below is the form You can copy, paste.

Code: [Select]
[color=red][b]*[/b][/color] [b]Nickname:[/b] <HERE>
[color=red][b]*[/b][/color] [b]Country:[/b] <HERE>

[color=blue][b]*[/b][/color] [b]Other contact:[/b] <HERE>
[color=blue][b]*[/b][/color] [b]Comments:[/b] <HERE>


DISCORD is an absolute must have for any player wishing to join the league. Click the link to see the guide. Without it You will not be able to find matches.
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