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SWC 2020 - Rules
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[SWC] Rules

Server Settings

- Game mode is set to CTF.
- Maximum flag capture limit is 10.
- Time limit is 10 minutes.
- Respawn time is 2 seconds. Maximum respawn time is 5 seconds.
- All guns are enabled.
- Bonus frequency is set to 0.
- Maximum grenades is set to 3.
- Friendly fire, realistic mode, and survival mode are all disabled.
- Stationary guns, bullet time, sniper line, and minimap are all off.
- Min ping is 0. Max ping is 400.
- No power-ups/bonuses except health and normal grenades.
- Scripting is disabled.
- HealthCooldown is 0

Match Rules

- A match is best of 4 rounds. Each team will choose 2 maps to play (alongside server and team color). Map choices will alternate regardless of the winner, for example: Team A Map, Side and Server -> Team B Map, Side and Server -> Team A Map, Side and Server -> Team B Map, Side and Server.

- If a match is tied after 4 rounds, no 5th tiebreaker map will be played. Matches may be reported as ties. However, ties may be resolved by replaying previously played maps. Both teams must agree to replay a map and all replayed maps must be included in the match report.

- Games will be at least 3vs3 with no maximum of players.

- The winner of a round will be determined by who has more flag caps at the end of the round.

- The SCTFL maplist will be used for all matches.

- Maps can be played twice in one match but one team can't choose one map twice. For example: Team A choose Laos red. They can't choose Laos red again but Team B can choose Laos red once.

- Teams must choose all maps before the match starts. If there is a disagreement, the team with higher priority (earlier sign-up date) will choose whose map is played first.

- Before the round starts, representatives from both teams must make sure that the opposition are ready to play. Then the round can begin.

- Between rounds, a five-minute period will be allotted for strategy, breaks, etc. During this period of time, teams may request that all players  remain in their respective spawn areas.

- If a side forfeits the match, then the other team automatically wins any remaining rounds 5-0.

- If there are any disputes during a match, please contact one of the cup admins in Discord immediately.

- Do not continue the match until any disputes have been resolved.

Server Selection

- For same continental matches, the server with the least lag for each player is recommended to be chosen, preferably a neutral server.

- In the case of intercontinental matches there are some additional server selection rules:

Europe vs North America - Maps are to alternate between a suitable EU server and a suitable East Coast American server
Israel vs North America - Matches are to take place entirely on European servers.
Israel vs South America/Australia - Matches are to take place entirely on North American servers.
Europe vs South America/Australia - Matches are to take place entirely on North American servers.
North America vs South America - Maps are to alternate between North and South American servers.
North America vs Australia - Matches are to take place entirely on Western North American (WA) servers.

In the above cases where matches are required to be played on two servers, the "Home" team will choose to play their maps and side on their servers. The "Home" team will choose which map to play first. Servers will change after every map, for example: Home Map/Side/Server -> Away Map/Side/Server -> Home Map/Side/Server -> Away Map/Side/Server

NOTE: Teams can play on other servers as well, as long as both teams agree to these conditions.

Cup Rules

- Countries must have a minimum of 3 in order to sign up to the SWC. We recommend teams to signup with 5 or more players to ensure activity.

Group Stage

- Once signups close, teams will be distributed into three groups.

- Each team will play the other teams in their group once, as in a single round-robin event.

- Three (3) points are given for a victory in a match, one (1) for a draw, and zero (0) for a loss.

- If a position is tied with the same number of points, the team who has the better cap ratio gets the higher position. If there is still a tie, the team who scored the most caps gets it. If it's still the same, whoever scored better in their matches against each other gets the position. If the position is still tied, then a sudden death match between them is played if needed.

- The top three teams of each group will proceed to the playoffs. The bottom two 3rd place teams (by pts/cap ratio) will play each other in a play-in match to qualify for the final #8 spot.

Group Scheduling Rules

- Teams will have three (3) weeks to complete all their group matches.

Miscellaneous Rules

- Players must use the nick with which they are registered in their country's sign-up topic.

- If a player leaves the server at any time without informing the other team the match is to be continued unless both teams agree to wait for the player to return or a substitute to arrive. If a player gets kicked due to server-related problems, then the match is to be paused until either the player returns, a substitute arrives, or a different, fully functional server is found.

- A disconnect is when there are either client or mainly server problems. If this is the case, the match will be paused. If this is no longer possible, then the map is to be restarted from the time the disconnect happened remaining, with the scores carried forward. The time remaining will be rounded up to the nearest minute for the restart.

- If there are any disputes with a captured flag and /pause has not been used, then send a demo to one of the SWC staff if the two teams cannot resolve the problem themselves.

- Any person or team abusing the disconnect rule for unfair advantages will be severely punished.

- Taking advantage of bugs is not allowed in this cup. If you see player(s) abusing these bugs, you should report that person to an SWC admin together with a demo. For example: Throwing grenades in through the roof of the houses in ctf_Ash, using powerthrow, etc. If you are unsure if an action is considered bug abuse, consult the administrators.

- If you rejoin the server for any reason you must type /kill so you don't start without respawn time.

- The use of hacks, trainers, hex editors and anything else to give yourself an advantage over others is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught using hacks is subject to expulsion from the cup.

- Screenshots must be taken after every round by every player. These may be requested by an SWC admin after the match. Failure to disclose these screenshots will result in severe consequences for the player(s) involved. Screenshots taken from a demo are not admissable.

- Demos are also compulsory by every player. These may be requested by an SWC admin after the match. Failure to disclose match demos will result in severe consequences for the player(s) involved.

- Respect all players and most importantly, have good sportsmanship. Any insults, racist remarks, spamming, etc, will not be tolerated. Be sportsmanlike at all times.

- Spectators are allowed if both teams agree. Spectators are not allowed to communicate with the players on their team, only with fellow spectators.

- When an SWC game is played, the winner has to report the game as soon as possible.

Multiteaming Rules

- Players are allowed to join one country ONLY starting SWC 2016. This means that once you play for one country, you cannot play for another one unless you start living in another country and do not want to play for your previous country anymore.

- Multiteaming (the process of being in more than one team at the same time) is forbidden.

Warning System

- There are two cards, a yellow card and a red card. A yellow card is a warning if one of the rules is broken.

- Two yellow cards equal a red card.

- If you receive a red card, you are removed from the cup.

- Depending on the severity of the offense, point reductions may also be handed out. Penalties can be given for dissent. The admin's decision is final.

- If there is a complaint about a team breaking a rule or if a player is being difficult or rude enough to file a complaint, then an admin will evaluate the problem and decide if and what punishment is given.

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