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(SN) vs KO| [Bonus]
« on: May 10, 2020, 07:41:56 pm »
Soldiers Nightmare vs Knife Only
Date: Sunday, 10th  May 2020

[x] Intercontinental Bonus
[o] First Match Bonus +1

Home - Soldiers Nightmare
* Amadeus (ctf_Wretch, ctf_Ash)
* Chukcha (ctf_Wretch)
* Zuppi (ctf_Wretch, ctf_Ash)
* ramm (ctf_Ash)

Away - Knife Only
* Bukkas (ctf_Wretch, ctf_Ash)
* Teal (ctf_Wretch, ctf_Ash)
* VaMe (ctf_Wretch, ctf_Ash)
* Mystic (ctf_Ash)

Round 1 - ctf_Wretch ((SN) server)
(SN) 10 - 1 KO|

Round 2 - ctf_Ash (KO| server)
(SN) 3 - 2 KO|

(SN) caps: 13
KO| caps: 3

End Result: Soldiers Nightmare wins!

Servers Used: soldat://

Comment: Good games! Mystic subbed VaMe on Ash.
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