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M4ruF story cO! Seals
« on: May 10, 2020, 09:38:52 am »
Hello everyone,

I just found this topic and it made my time to spend on this. So, I light my cig up grabbing a whiskey swinging in his old chair..

The Soldat history is written by a year of 2002 and it had a birthday yesterday yaaaay. On that year I was fckin 13 and I bought a magazine called "Score" and together with my friend we found a Soldat demo in it. We said like "hey, its like liero and worms with CS weapons!" and it was rly great game for us. I think almost one year later the Soldat started to run on the biggest CZ/SVK gaming portal called "Gamezone" and damn.. There was a tons of players and clans hardtrying!
Anyway for imagination..
I played on some shitty comp "Trilon" or smth, Soldat played windowed! on wooden modem which was loud as F**K :D

Well. I started to mass matches and found a few people I played with. We named that clan .:TDK:. " The death killers " ...dude..the death killers..fckin original! Do you get it ? I can you fckin kill the death actually..

By a time I got better and better and when I skip a few clans I was in I got into the czech clan called cO! "Critical Ops" where a player K3n4r waitted for me already together with Rusty,magorko and SoNNy I guess.
We were untouchables on czechs scene and we were winning almost all of the matches. Our biggest opponent was clan Fraggedby in lead with Nitro,sytra,PeterPetreli..
In this era czechs had only small base of players on mIRC (noone knew it). It was I think Robin,Gue,Repeek,Realrook as firsttimers and we said " hey, we can try it too! ".
Ofcourse our first matches was absolute disaster and we lost every match we played until one day we tied with clan utd' I guess. In this time we recruited funko,cAponE also Tarquilo, Zuriel (R.I.P.) I think and I remember the best times of my soldat playing. We made +v on gather, participated on SWC which czechs won.. We also were under many multiclans which promised some prices for us like vRa. or nEph. Unfortunately many players left by a time and there were some fights between them so cO! was closed by the best members. Then I was in Re - with Lightning (shalom), recruited Tarquilo, cAponE and magorko pwned again. Then we stopped playing again and finally we are getting to Seals..

I think I was currently in cB. with cheesey and after losing playoff in SCTFL11 I decided to leave them and move my ass into Seals. It was not becouse I wouldnt love cheesey..I think everyone loves him but I just wanned you be with my czechs again.
- 2Cheesey: sorry for my CP on last map SCTFL11? :D

Anyway. In Seals I met ofcourse Beaztly,Coarser,Bumba,cApone,magorko,oxxy..we later recruited Gon,Machyy,Deathka.. Machyy even made a movie "How we roll" and we were rockin as hell. Seals won TNL on ESL. We got ourselves to SCTFL12 finals where we lost against SN.
Unfortunately after that everything went wrong. I guess I quitted Soldat and many players went in other clans.

Many years I was ghostting and played another games with meaning of Soldat it is rly big bullshit becouse you know.. eating, bugs, shit graphics.. For me it is still unbalanced game due to servers and shitty unicode but in the end it just belongs to Soldat  O0   Then I always played only a few gathers time to time..

Whats happening now?

After Soldat has been added on Steam and discord community is growing I decided to comeback. I found some oldschool players (K3n4r,magorko,PeterPetreli aka Kysi and sytra from fraggedby,SoNNy,TArq) together with new ones I never played with before (Nijo,RBK,Fulya) and we just have fun  8) Now we fight in SCTFL getting into it with new strats etc.. So hopefully we will be able to keep the czech legacy alive once again ;)

- It is hard to remember all of the details over 17 years so forgive me if there are any mistakes :p

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Re: M4ruF story cO! Seals
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Czechs had such a vibrant scene, I miss all those players!
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