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Story by Zieg
« on: September 17, 2007, 12:28:12 am »
Ugh, since that nothing's really happening in this thread I decided to write a thing or two about my soldat
"career". This ain't going to be a short story If you have a lot of time to spare, please consider reading it all through, otherwise don't even bother to start Very Happy.


It all started almost 3 years ago, when one of my friends from the Polish rm2k community ( rpg maker) told me that he had found a really
decent amateur-made game. He also warned me in advance that it's a shooter, as he knew that I wasn' t a fan of those kinds of games.
At first he created a server, we invited a few other rm2k folks and so the fun has begun. Most of them got bored after a week or so, but I went on with playing.
2 weeks had passed and I already had found myself a clan named Invincible Deadly Hornets. It was one of the first soldat clans ever created . Up until now I remember a loss
against RB in the TDM clanwar. My weapon of choice was m79, which I though to be pretty good at, although when I started to play with foreign people, I quickly realized that I was mistaken. A few weeks after that, I joined the flanks of HOP, an internetional clan led by Friend ( who later joined Dot-C) and some other guy, I can't recall his nickname atm. Anyhow, I haven't had any occasion to play a clanwar, because I unfortunately broke my arm, so obviously I had to stop playing for a month.
I was kicked out from HOP due to inactivity, even though I explained to the leader many times that I just couldn't play with my arm broken ( I also had quite a lot problems with my connection back then, so I wasn't really available every time they wanted me to ). I decided to leave my clanlife behind and to start off with a new era...of freelancing!
I'd forced myself not to join any clan up until the version 1.1.3 had come out. I came across Cildo, a good barret user, who asked me whether I wanted to join his clan BoS ( the old one, it hadn' t had anything in common with the current BoS). That was the moment when I changed my nickname to Teen Spirit and started to use ruger as my primary weapon, which I managed to master a few months later. BoS with me in the squad earned a place in Polish Soldat history for gaining the bronze medal of the official Polish Soldat League ( yes, there were medals in that league, in form of an image, which you could place later on the clansite =O ). Shortly after that success, BoS had fallen apart
because of lack of activity shown by the majority of members ( leader included). Ugh...I was without a clan once again, so I wandered around the publics, DNAgames as well, where I met RAB ( yes...teh RAB), who offered me a spot in UJ. The only thing I had to do was to do my best in a duel against Menda, the vice leader I think. Here' s the funny story, when I entered a server where the tryout was ment to take place, I asked Menda what would I have to do in order to get into UJ. He told me that he didn't want to see me playing like a noob, then I asked him " What if I beat you?" and he said " It's impossible". The fight started, he chose the map Mr. Snowman, picked barret of course and tried to kill me...without a result though. The duel eventually finished with a score of 20:3 with me using ruger and him using that weapon with number 8. He was so pissed of and embarrased that he left the server immidiately without saying a single word. That's how I managed to get into UJ. Anyhow, it seemed that that clan was not destined for me, as my connection broke once more, therefore I hadn't had any contact with the other members. Now guess what later occured....yep, you're right, I got kicked out due to inactivity Sad .
After that event I decided to form a clan myself. Well actually, I didn't create it on my own, I just took over a small noobish clan and decided to make it famous ( NVC was its tag).
I gathered a few really skilled players like MaaD or Mad Fighter, but in spite of the strong squad, we just couldn't stand up to our aspirations. After a sore loss against UJ ( 10:0, 10:0 I believe) my own clan fell apart...not much to talk about that period of my "carieer".
A couple of weeks later I joined a polish clan =oK=, played in it for 2 months I think, but pissed off by the whole situation on the polish soldat scene ( barret here, barret there, baret fuckin' everywhere), I decided to leave it behind and never come back. That is what I'd done.
I joined up with MaaD and after a huge number of tryouts we succeeded in getting into a famous TRA ( the red army, led by Thanatos and Tha Doggfather, now known as JayBee/ Jimmy Bones). It was all fine and dandy until Thanatos recruited Daniel and CodeName47, who most likely got in without even a tryout ( as they were using barrets, just as Thanny; MaaD and myself was in the anti-barret opposition). That slightly pissed both of us off, so we decided to leave TRA. As we wanted to stick together, we agreed to the thought that we should try to join either SN or BA. We chose BA and got in shortly then after. MaaD had his internet cut off right after joining. I stayed in BA for more than a year ( I rejoined it once). I think that that was my best period in my career. I became quite famous and respected ( xD), at least that's what the ratings on soldatHQ told me. I met a lot of people in that clan who later on became my good internet friends, and I'm talking about Cold Fusion, Hektik Sniper, Uzzi, JayBee, Artex etc. etc. While being in BA i changed my nickname back to Zieg, chose to use Spas as the main weapon; some of my friends still call me Teen though...
After a few twists and turns I ultimately ended up as a member of the following clans ( not at the same time of course): c'n's, NbK, WTN and finally 2Wai.
Wai Wai is the "bestest" clan I've ever been in ( to?) , I left it for a lame reason, and I really regret it. I'm currently a member of immundus Deus, constantly planning to retire though...


All the same, Methinks I am a rather known and liked person in both international and Polish community, even though I haven't put a lot of effort (if any) into the evolution of Soldat, but still gained respect for always trying to play in an ambitious way ( by using weapons hard to master such as Spas-12 for example ) and for aspirations to change the overall opinion about the Poles ( dunno if that worked out, prolly not Very Happy ).
I've been chosen for the leader of the Polish National Team, I was one fo the first Soldat Gather admins, so I guess my words aren't that bold Very Happy.
I know that I may sound unmodest, but to hell with that xD

I apologize for all of those spelling and grammar mistakes I made...I'm not that fluent in English yet, although I still am trying to improve it.

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Re: Story by Zieg
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zieg <3
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Re: Story by Zieg
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cool story bro

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Re: Story by Zieg
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cewl story,
someone has zieg on msn or sth?
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Re: Story by Zieg
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Re: Story by Zieg
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