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« on: April 13, 2020, 11:43:37 am »
Date: Wednesday, 15th  April 2020

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Kamil (Europe)
Emil (Europe)
MichaƂ (Europe)
Tomas (Europe)
Patryk (Europe)
Tomasz (Europe)

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Re: People
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where is Bait
Using a bidet is like putting a dildo made of water in your ass, that's certified homosexual.

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Re: People
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where is Bait
It actually an other Mr xd
<@Johnnye> blyssym
<@Johnnye> are they finns?
<@blyssym> ye its finnish travellin show
<@blyssym> they were in papua new quinea in that episodde
<@blyssym> where the local naatives still eat human
<@Johnnye> what do you mean eat human
<@Stryker> LOLOLOL