Author Topic: How do I sign up? Please read first!  (Read 1206 times)

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How do I sign up? Please read first!
« on: July 21, 2016, 11:25:48 pm »
Below is the form that you will need to use in order for you to sign up yourself to 1v1 League. Please fill in all required criteria, failure to do so may result in your person not being entered into the league. Fields prefixed with a red asterisk (*) are REQUIRED.

Put your Nickname in the topic title too, e.g. Zdzichu_pl

* Nickname:
* Country:
* mIRC channel:

* Website:
* Other contact:
* Comments:

Code: [Select]
[color=red][b]*[/b][/color] [b]Nickname:[/b] <HERE>
[color=red][b]*[/b][/color] [b]Country:[/b] <HERE>
[color=red][b]*[/b][/color] [b]mIRC channel:[/b] <HERE>

[color=blue][b]*[/b][/color] [b]Website:[/b] <HERE>
[color=blue][b]*[/b][/color] [b]Other contact:[/b] <HERE>
[color=blue][b]*[/b][/color] [b]Comments:[/b] <HERE>


* mIRC is required to sign up and participate in the league. This is the place where we find matches. If you dont know how to use IRC, read the quick GUIDE. 5 minutes of work and you're in the heart of Soldat! This is the download LINK. IRC is a must have for any soldat player wishing to improve. The community channels where matches are found: #soldat.match, #soldat, #soldatladder, #sna.gather and many other(Quakenet). You can also create your own channel.

IRC is the most useful tool for finding friendly clan wars and league matches, playing gathers, or just chatting with fellow players about anything. It takes almost no resources to run, and brings you into the world of gathers and competitive play. If you truly wish to improve in soldat, this is where you need to be. But be warned, it is a huge step up from basic pubs.  Though much more fun. Once you come here, you'll stay forever : ]

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Live and die on this day...