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SCTFL10 — Winner: {EF} — Runner-up: |LP|
« on: September 17, 2007, 01:25:28 am »
{EF} Expeditionary Force vs. |LP| - |Legacy of Poontage|


{EF} Zuppilo
{EF} Tuksutin
{EF} Sneaky
{EF} Osi
{EF} NitRo (czech)
{EF} alper

|LP| - |Marbire|
|LP| - |Mancer|
|LP| - |Bloodeh|
|LP| - |Poop|

1. Round ctf_Ruins(LP):
{EF} 3 - 3 |LP| Screen 1  - Mirror

2. Round ctf_Dropdown2 (EF):
{EF} 10 - 1 |LP| Screen 2 - Mirror

3. Round ctf_Voland (LP):
{EF} 5 - 4 |LP| Screen 3 - Mirror

Demos - Mirror

- Original post by alper

SCTFL 10 Playoffs bracket

SCTFL 10 Summary by Poop

SCTFL 10 was, to keep it simple, the most successful Soldat League ever. The league was set to start in February, however after being delayed by the expected new version of Soldat, it eventually started in May.

Before the season even began, over 65 clans signed up. Over the course of the season, 75 other clans joined. A total of 150 different clans was the most ever for any soldat tournament. 100 of these clans played matches in the tournament.

The league moved smoothly through its 6 week freeplay period with very few problems. While there one case of multiclanning, the problem was dealt with by Admins ASAP. 2000+ matches were played during the freeplay. This averaged out to over 50 matches per day, or 2 matches per hour. It also averaged out to 15 matches per clan.

Asylum completed the freeplay period in first place, while LP and AE rounded out the top 3. 16 clans made the playoffs. The end of the season played host to some interesting playoff races, as 5 clans were in contention for the final 3 playoff spots. The playoffs began on June 20th.

The Playoff period went as well as the freeplay, as each match was played in a timely manner. No clan was disqualified for not playing their matches. And after 4 hard weeks of action, {EF} emerged the winner.

Congratulations to all clans that participated in the greatest soldat league until this date. Congratulations to {EF} for winning the most competitive soldat league ever, and being the only clan ever to win SCTFL twice. And good luck to all clans in future SCTFL's.
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