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SDRC - Rules
« on: August 09, 2011, 12:04:16 am »
First and foremost, many of the rules will be the same as the regular season SRL rules, which can be found here. This includes, multiclanning rules, most miscellaneous rules, and so forth. The rules that are different or are especially notable are outlined below.

Administrative Rights
- The Administrators of this cup have the right to make any decision which they feel is necessary to keep the cup running smoothly and without problems.
- In the situation where an Administrator is wrong, misinformed, subjective, prejudicial, or incompetent, check the rule above
- The administrators have the right to spectate any match. If an administrator asks you for information to a server, you must give it to him.

Since we need to set the capture limit in the servers to 1, YOU MUST USE THE FOLLOWING SERVERS FOR YOUR MATCHES!:

#1 soldat://
#2 soldat://
#3 soldat://

#1 soldat://
#2 soldat://

Cup Format
- The cup will be run in a Double Elimination style bracket. Double elimination means that each clan must lose two matches to be eliminated. To repeat, two losses and you're out.
- There will be a "Winners Bracket" which plays basically the same way any normal knockout bracket would play. Each clan that loses in the Winners Bracket will get dropped down to the "Losers Bracket," which also plays in normal knockout format. Clans that lose in the Losers Bracket are eliminated from the tournament. The final match will consist of the winner of the Winners Bracket playing the winner of the Losers Bracket. Note that if the clan from the Winners Bracket loses against the clan from the Losers Bracket in the final match, a second final will be played between the same two clans, because each clan will only have lost once by that point.
- The cup will consist of 16 clans.
Clans will receive priority to join the cup in the following order:
1. Matches played in SRL 11 only if your clan has played 20 or more total matches
2. In case of new clans have been formed with active players, admins will decide the priority
3. Cup sign-up order
- In a situation where a clan dies/doesn't play its match in the first round of the cup, we will replace them with the next clan that has priority outside of the cup.

Matches must be played by their deadline date. We can tolerate it if you are late by one or two days with valid reasons, but delaying a match too much will result in a forfeit. The deadlines will be as follows:


Match Rules
These match rules are aimed at being fair to both teams while preventing any possible problems/conflicts.
- Each team will pick 4 maps before the match begins. The teams will also choose the server for their maps. Side will be picked by the team that did choose server + map.
- The team with the higher priority in this -> Priority Order is Home.
- The team which has won 4  rounds first wins the match.
- The rounds can be played in any order. However, if there is any disagreement, the team with the higher priority in the cup will choose whose map is played first. After that, clans will alternate playing each other's maps until one clan won 4 rounds.
- Neither team can pick a map more than once. A clan can pick the same map as their opponent picks. For example, Clan A picks ctf_B2b, ctf_Ash, ctf_Nuubia and ctf_Laos, Clan B can pick ctf_B2b, ctf_Voland, ctf_Ash, ctf_Rotten. However, they can't pick ctf_B2b twice.
- Each clan will choose 1 extra map untill a clan won 4 rounds. Server and side selection rules from above still apply. If there is still no winner after these 2 extra rounds have been played, each clan will again pick another map and the process will be repeated until there is a winner.

Miscellaneous Rules
- If there is any disagreement whatsoever during a cup match, we suggest that the clans contact an admin immediately and resolve the problem with the admin rather than attempting to resolve it themselves. This will ensure that problems are kept to a minimum.
- Screenshots and demos are MANDATORY for EVERY PLAYER. This is to once again ensure problems are kept to a minimum. If you do not record a demo, and a problem happens during a round, we may punish you or make you play that round over, depending on the situation.
- We suggest that clans prohibit spectators during matches. The only people that should be spectating are SCTFL admins. This is to quell any potential ghosting situations.

- Each player can only be on the roster for ONE CLAN FOR THE DURATION OF THE CUP. What this means is that if Player A is on the roster of Clan X when the cup starts, he cannot play for any other clan in the playoffs, even if he didn't play a cup match with clan X. In addition, no new players can be added to a clan's roster once the cup formally begins.

New Soldat Version
- Since the release-date of the new version isn't accurately set yet, we will start the cup with the old one (as long as the new version doesn't get released before the start of the cup).
- After the new Soldat version gets released, there will be a transition time for the rest of the week.
The clans have then the opportunity to play their matches of that particulary week in the old OR the new Soldat version.
- After that week the remaining matches are to be played in the new Soldat version.
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