Author Topic: Please don't ask us to provide you details on hackers/other rule breakers  (Read 3065 times)

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We have many elaborate methods that we use to find hackers, multiclanners, fakenickers and so forth. We have our server monitoring program, we have MSAC, we have the server logs, we have many sources of information that we use when we build a case against a player or a clan. But please do not ask us to give the details of how we caught the players. It is for the better of the league and the community.

If we gave away the exact methods and details that we use, then people would be able to use ways to get around them. Do you want that? Do you want hackers, multiclanners and fakenickers to be able to do whatever they please in SCTFL? If you don't, then you should not ask us for the exact details.

Most of us admins have years of experience in administrating this league, and you have most likely noticed in the past that we never ban people without thoroughly investigating the case. By playing in this league you have to trust in our capability to catch these people who break our rules. We will NOT give out the methods and proofs that reveals details of how we do it. Only thing that will do is make it easier for these people to bypass them in the future.

If we ban someone, it's after we've investigated the player and built up a proper case. This is not done by only one admin. Every decision we make is reviewed by a number of admins to make sure there are no mistakes or oversights in the evidence. However sometimes it is possible that after a ban we get more evidence on the matter, that might make some of our older evidence obsolete, in which case we're happy to revoke the punishment if it's the right thing to do, we've done this numerous times in the past.

So once again, for your own good, do not ask us for the exact evidence. We'll happily tell the reason why the player got a punishment, eg. if it was for hacking, fakenicking, or whatever, but in most cases we don't want to reveal much more than that.

Thank you for understanding.