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SCTFL3 — Winner: MD — Runner-up: |2Wai|
« on: September 17, 2007, 12:38:55 am »
After the resolutions made following SCTFL2, the host moved to soldatworld. SCTFL3 set the record for clans signed up on opening day (110), and also set the record for matches played in a regular season(450), among other things.

A few complications hindered this season, as well. Some great clans removed themselves from contention for the title, which left the door open for MD to walk into the finals against the seasoned 2Wai crew.

In the words of Rambo:
Alot of preperations had to be made for the most important match.
The players for the match were Redevil, Rambo, Sadist and Palloco.
Mossad took a week of hardcore training, and working on their tactics. Mossad's maps of choice were Kampf and Viet.
Our best maps withount a doubt.

Though we knew which tactics will be used, we were to find out which are the best ones for 2wai.
Mossad's intelligence found that Laos and b2b were 2wai's favorites.
A new tactic were formed, and 16.5.04 was set to be the big day.

Mossad  vs  Wai Wai In-Gate Jockey

Mossad - MD

Wai Wai In-Gate Jockey - 2wai

Round1 - Viet
MD 3 - 3 2wai

Round2 - B2b
MD 3 - 2 2wai

Round3 - Kampf
MD 1 - 0 2wai

Round 1 Details:
MD started the round great, with a 2-0 lead. After a bit they added a 3rd cap, and managed to defend for a while. But then 2wai made a comeback and managed to tie it at 3-3. Fun round, and a really close one

Round 2 Details:
MD started with a 2-0 lead one again, but 2wai made another small run. But MD capped again and held off for the win

Round 3 Details:
Kampf was a close round, nobody could pass through eachothers defense. Tough and determined round. However, with luck on their side, MD managed to cap 1 time and hold the score until the end.

Mossad Caps: 7
Wai Wai In-Gate Jockey Caps: 5

End Result: Mossad Wins!

Comment: The battle was over, and the season had come to an end. Mossad are the SCTFL3 Champions!
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