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SCTFL2 — Winner: |2Wai| — Runner-up: sv|
« on: September 17, 2007, 12:36:12 am »
SCTFL 2 marked a turning point for the league. The season's inauguration rode the wave of success of SCTFL1. However, it was evident that problems were arising, and as they were not addressed right away, they threatened the near demolition of a great season. As Soldaters always do, the competitors overcame the problematic shortcomings to finish up the regular season and salvage the playoffs.

In the final, the rivalry between the challenging 2Waiians and the Soldat Veterans took center stage. 2Wai had defeated a very tough .bot lineup to earn the rematch in the title game, while sv| opted for a semifinal win over [BA] to make the pilgrimage to SCTFL Final.
In the words of OK:

Soldat Veterans  vs  Wai Wai In-Gate Jockey

Soldat Veterans - sv|
Donnie Darko

Wai Wai In-Gate Jockey - 2wai
Bugs Revenge

Round1 - B2b
sv| 2 - 4 2wai

Round2 - Kampf
sv| 3 - 1 2wai

Round3 - Death
sv| 0 - 1 2wai

Round4 - Death
sv| 0 - 0 2wai

Round 1 Details:
Well the mighy SV and us started in B2b. I honsetly didnt think we have much chance in there 'cause it is a sniper's map. They capped twice, and we got a lil pwned at start. At that point i was starting to think about the next round and what map to choose. but I kept going, then we capped! and capped! and we started rocking the joint with great team work! realy, one of the best we had! and great shooting! Indeed a great round!

Round 2 Details:
I was arrogant enough to think Kampf was in our hands! At some point I kinda lost track but we capped! I didnt know how or wtf happened! but it did. and we continued with the good game play we had! And then suddenly! I dunno why but our game got fucked up. Somehow they started boosting on me for some reason. and they fucking pwned us lol! gg SV

Round 3 Details:
Well I dunno why did they choose it, I didn't think they will, but allas! they did. We got that one cap needed to win Death as u all know, and from there on it was just a matter of time!

Round 4 Details:
Well as u can see each team lost the map they choose! lol so I was thinking, maybe we should choose a map they chose! And it was fucking intense!!!!!! Both teams were so close to cap! but the peak was the last 10 seconds!! I was in base. shotting the hell out of 2 of them! they pwned me :\ and got the flag! :O The clock said 10 seconds! Aperently bugs took their flag and made a mess over there. they were kinda confused as I understood and what you got is 0-0! and a screenshot of an SVier 2 inches away from capping.

Soldat Veterans Caps: 5
Wai Wai In-Gate Jockey Caps: 6

End Result: Wai Wai In-Gate Jockey Wins!

Comment: Well! that was indeed an intense game! and very enjoyble!!!!! I realy enjoyed playing SV even tho they used barrets (only in B2b tho). And that was a nice surprise for me! GG SV! I realy wish we could meet u in SCTFL 3 also (damn those Akai's!!)

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2Wai !!! Wins ! Wai Wai and hurray!

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