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IMPORTANT: Roster update format
« on: January 17, 2010, 08:09:47 pm »
All roster updates must be recorded by clans in this forum. Any clans found using unreported or incorrectly reported players risk repercussions, such as point reduction or having their matches voided, so please use this forum to post all roster updates as soon as possible.

When posting roster updates, make a new thread. Also ensure that you are clear about the exact roster changes. In addition to posting a fully updated roster, you must also specify the exact additions or removals from your clan. Be sure to also list the continents of any new players. For example:

+Boogie Man (Europe), +Blain (North America), -Kruger
New roster: Admiral, Billy, Commando, Stevie, Boogie Man, Blain

In the case where a player changes his official registered name, you must use the same format described above, and you must specify that the change to your roster is indeed a name change and not a new player addition. For example:

Boogie Man changes name to Roach
New Roster: Admiral, Billy, Commando, Stevie, Roach, Blain
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