Author Topic: [Za Rossiu] vs bang. [Bonus]  (Read 866 times)

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[Za Rossiu] vs bang. [Bonus]
« on: January 26, 2010, 04:16:56 pm »
Za Rossiu vs Bang Bang
Date: Sunday, 14th  February 2010

[x] Intercontinental Bonus
[o] First Match Bonus +2

Home - Za Rossiu
* Antyhlam (ctf_Dropdown2, ctf_Cobra)
* ded (ctf_Dropdown2, ctf_Cobra)
* Zloy (ctf_Dropdown2, ctf_Cobra)

Away - Bang Bang
* CiNoNE (ctf_Dropdown2, ctf_Cobra)
* CliniC (ctf_Dropdown2, ctf_Cobra)
* Szefo (ctf_Dropdown2, ctf_Cobra)

Round 1 - ctf_Dropdown2 ([Za Rossiu] server)
bang. 10 - 0 [Za Rossiu]

Round 2 - ctf_Cobra (bang. server)
bang. 10 - 0 [Za Rossiu]

[Za Rossiu] caps: 0
bang. caps: 20

End Result: Bang Bang wins!

Servers Used: soldat://

Comment: gg
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Re: [Za Rossiu] vs bang. [Bonus]
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