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SCTFL14 — Winner: R7. — Runner-up: Seals|
« on: July 30, 2009, 09:27:00 pm »
R7. The Ruthless  vs  Seals| Seals
Date: Wednesday, 22nd  July 2009


The Ruthless

Seals| beaztly
Seals| gon
Seals| Machyy

The match:

Round 1 - ctf_Cobra (R7's choice)
Seals| 5 - 7 R7. Screenshot

Round 2 - ctf_Dropdown2 (Seals' choice)
Seals| 3 - 2 R7. Screenshot

Round 3 - ctf_Voland (R7's choice)
Seals| 2 - 6 R7. Screenshot

Round 4 - ctf_Nuubia (Seals' choice)
Seals| 1 - 2 R7. Screenshot

Total caps:
R7. 17
Seals| 11

No demos available due to 1.5 problems.

SCTFL14 Playoff Bracket:

This season's bracket was created by BoB

SCTFL14 Freeplay Statistics

Player Comments:

Thanks to R7, specifically the Owls geriace and psycho but also zero, raph, fetzyy, xilef. Also, too bad about capone, hope to see seals next season again. I'd also like to thank those who supported us this season, Calp, sneaky, poop, kzya, gigen, and all the people that stuck with us till the end, like fighta and wasp.

GGs seals and sorry for breaking kzya's dream.

Congrats to all of R7. Blade, Fetzzy, Geriace, Lordrohith, Owls, Raph, Xilef, and Zero all did very well and of course and extra goodjob to Blade, Geriace and Owls. Took us awhile to finally win it but in the end we got it done! Also thank you to all of NA for their support through out and anyone else who had words of encouragement. GG's to Seals! A hard fought match and if you guys continue there is no doubt you will get your championship.
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