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Hacking Stuff / Como se llamo esto
« Last post by killFat on July 22, 2021, 12:13:16 pm »
Como se llamo esto i am from SPAIN.
I registered a lot time ago. Can i see this web without adblocer?
thanks )
General Discussion / Re: Current imbecile discord channel admins <Simple Proof>
« Last post by Vic R on July 15, 2021, 09:30:12 pm »
make a petition better
General Discussion / Current imbecile discord channel admins <Simple Proof>
« Last post by Verbeia on July 12, 2021, 04:46:05 pm »
Its like hurting multiple people with knife in real life
imagine they give punishment to the sentence of "hurting people" as general
even that guy hurts 30 people or 1
he will get punishment to the act
and not gonna make any addition if its 30 or 1
that was some braindead moment from admin staff
and they dont seem to be aware of this
and not even fixing that failure

 A ban-point has been issued to @B0nI3k for Category: Toxicity
Unnecessary pause, insulting, short LITMOG (Gather* № 36729)

"A ban-point"

and watch how there is 3 reasons (Even there is a fail that dog bonlek did more than 4 things to be counted) under the description of the ban
Alone itself shows how imbecile the admin staff
Putting 3 different reasons for one bp
Dudes we are having admin staff with low brain oxygen.I dont even need to go deep into the event.You can even find the braindead moment in this log from their banlist :D
The guy literally went hemo because im using barret m79 and then reported me with this and also used same guns to troll with 10 25 stats.I use to remember that if you report someone as a troll you cant troll otherwise you share same bp :D
Just wanted to log this thing to here.I dont even care if i had my bp.I deserved it or not but this system or reasoning is like 12 years old kids are ruling a community :D I also wonder how nonamer like Angel Girl appeared from nowhere to be admin.Someone needs to check if she slept with some of the staff bruders.Bruders bruders i laugh so hard bruders ahahahha

We miss you ricerooney
News and Announcements / SVL 4 Concludes
« Last post by Petterkowski on June 15, 2021, 03:24:24 pm »
The fourth edition of Soldat 1v1 League has officially ended! The tournament had a fixed prize pool set at 50 euro. Congratulations to the winner - Tanaka who proved himself on the big stage again and earned the right to call himself a champion. Congratulations to Petterkowsk! for getting the 2nd place!

The full report
The Freeplay results

It was a tremendously successful SVL season and we're already looking forward to seeing all of you again in the 5th season where the staff is planning for additional attractions. Thanks to everyone for attending and making the event so much fun.

To the next time,
SVL 4 Match reports / Tanaka vs Petterkowsk! [FINAL]
« Last post by Tanaka on June 13, 2021, 10:12:07 pm »
Tanaka vs Petterkowsk!

Date: 13/06/2021

Tanaka bans: Unlim
Petterkowsk! bans: vs_Ash

Tanaka picks: vs_Scorpion
Petterkowsk! picks: Arena2

Round 1 - Arena2
Tanaka 15 - 10 Petterkowsk!

Round 2 - vs_Scorpion
Tanaka 15 - 14 Petterkowsk!

Tanaka : 2
Petterkowsk!: 0

End Result: Tanaka wins!

Servers used: soldat://
Comment: Good game! Buy a cat

SVL 4 Match reports / Tanaka vs surfin [SEMI FINALS]
« Last post by Tanaka on June 12, 2021, 10:55:54 pm »
Tanaka vs surfin

Date: 12/06/2021

Tanaka bans: BigBunker
surfin bans: vs_Scorpion

Tanaka picks: Leaf
surfin picks: Arena3

Round 1 - Arena3
Tanaka 15 - 5 surfin

Round 2 - Leaf
Tanaka 15 - 12 surfin

Tanaka : 2
surfin: 0

End Result: Tanaka wins!

Servers used: soldat://
Comment: Good game! Buy a cat
SVL 4 Match reports / Re: surfiN vs malu-k (Quarter-Finals)
« Last post by Petterkowski on June 08, 2021, 07:27:52 am »
Good games, seems like the entire brazilian community was watching :D Good luck in your semi-final, SurfiN.
SVL 4 Match reports / surfiN vs malu-k (Quarter-Finals)
« Last post by surfiN on June 08, 2021, 03:01:31 am »
SurfiN  vs  malu-k

Date: 07/06/2021

SurfiN picks: Arena3
malu-k picks: Desertwind

SurfiN ban: Leaf
malu-k ban: vs_Scorpion

Round 1 - A3
SurfiN 15 - 13 malu-k

Round 2 - DW
SurfiN 15 - 8 malu-k

SurfiN: 2
malu-k: 0

End Result: SurfiN wins!

Servers used: soldat://
Comment: gg txu great game my friend!!!!! @tanaka BE RDY
SSC 4 Match reports / Re: K\'Stu vs IA [Playoff]
« Last post by not shizo on June 07, 2021, 03:13:03 pm »
what a battle
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